TKR: Chapter 1-5

The Kite Runner

The novel is set in 1975 and follows a young boy named Amir through the capital of Afghanistan. Throughout the novel we find ourselves in different situation from modernism, poverty, classism to religious dividing. Amir and Hassan, his friend and servant are the main protagonists thus far.

The characters that have been introduced are Amir, Hassan, Ali, and Amir’s father, Baba. Amir is a well-off Pashtun along with his father Baba. Baba is a rich businessman who’s been successful in his construction and building. Ali, Hassan’s father, has a mysterious yet deep relationship with Baba as we can tell throughout the novel. Ali and Hassan are Hazaras, which is why they must live with Amir and Baba as servants. Afghanistan’s Pashtun practices discrimination against the Hazara ethnicity, which is why we see Hassan being constantly harassed wherever he was to reside. Amir’s true feelings for Ali and Hassan remains unknown, but thus far Hassan and Amir have been displayed as close friends.

Hassan has been portrayed as a curious, yet patient person. He has shown great interest in Amir’s literacy, which goes unnoticed by most others. In the novel, Amir has explained to us how Hassan cannot provoke emotions in his lower face due to a disability. This is where we can see Amir’s care for Hassan as he instead reads his eyes, when he could choose to ignore it all together. Baba, Amir’s father, is displayed as a very traditional Afghanistan man; religious, hard-working, and disciplined. Baba has not shown any interest in Amir’s literacy, and have given up on his sportsman influence giving Amir’s obvious disinterest. Hassan’s father Ali’s background is still unknown, but the way he is written tells us that he is smart, independent and a kind man. We can see this through Ali’s interaction with the other characters.

The Kite Runner is set in a first-person perspective, meaning this novel is told from Amir’s point of view. This way we as readers can connect deeply with Amir and relate to his feelings and thoughts about the story that lies ahead of us.


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